Earth Day 2023 Sale!

Two separate offers:

1) Use code "EarthDay2023" at checkout to save 20% on everything!

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2) We created a new bundle: Four Refills Value Pack. It contains four refills in biodegradable tubes, shipped all together to minimize excessive shipping (in the spirit of earth day).

For the sale, we created a special voucher for this new bundle. 

It saves you 25%, and does not expire. Redeem when you need refills!

We want to give you the ability to stock up at this great price, so buy as many vouchers as you see fit.



These don't expire: redeem when you need refills.
We pay the shipping on future orders. No further cost to you!
Buy as many of these vouchers as you like.
The question is: how many is the correct number to buy?

This cannot be combined with the above offer.

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