One important thing you need to know about your personal products

Take a look at your skin and hair product ingredients.

Unless you buy ultra-natural products, just about all of them contain a chemical called propylene glycol (also known as propanediol).

What is propylene glycol?

Propylene glycol acts as humectant (a substance that keeps things moist).  It evaporates about 100 times slower than water, which means that your products won’t dry up as fast.

This is what makes it such a common ingredient in personal care products.  

Propylene glycol has historically been refined from petroleum, though recent advances in corn processing have produced a vegetable-derived version.

Both are not great for the environment (though the vegetable derived version is less bad). 

Why you should be suspicious of propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is used in the medical industry to increase medicine delivery through the skin [1-3]. 

It helps chemicals go through your skin.  

This is worrisome because personal care products contain many other chemicals besides propylene glycol. 

These other chemicals are being ushered through your skin with higher efficiency on a daily bases.

The FDA and other regulatory bodies do not study the health effects of propylene glycol with all of these other added chemicals, because there are simply too many possibilities.

This makes it hard to determine what products are actually safe for long-term use.


What you can do about it

Use products that have simple, short ingredient lists that are free from propylene glycol. 

Mineralized Deodorant is in a minority of products that do not contain propylene glycol. 

We designed our product that way intentionally: we don’t like taking chances with long-term health.

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