The Non-Toxic Deodorant

No Body Odor. No Chemicals. No Clothing Stains. Refillable.

A return to nature using the tools of modern science

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"I have found my new go-to.
The clean ingredients are what drew me to try the product, but how it smells and works, will keep me a customer."


Effective Deodorant

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"I've always used very standard stick brand anti-perspirants (Old Spice,

I'd say from an oder / sweat reduction perspective Mineralized is
doing just as well as they ever did -- even during heavy exercise."


The Non-Toxic Deodorant


"I am so grateful I found Mineralized.

I've been using it for almost a year, and I am done searching for natural deodorants."


Eco-Friendly Deodorant

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"I rarely write reviews, but this product is well-deserving.

(1) Mineralized works, and it works all day long."

"(2) I have no skin reaction to it, which is very rare.

(3) It goes on dry and feels refreshing; no more icky-sticky.

(4) No aluminum."

"(5) No staining of clothes.

(6) It works everywhere - private areas included"

"(7) It works on feet, even after 14 hours. When visiting, I can leave my shoes at the door with no concern that my feet or my shoes will offend.

(8) Negatives: none."

"I've tried dozens and dozens of sprays, roll-ons, glide-ons, powders, home-made concoctions, and very pricey products. Not one has all of the eight benefits listed above."


In The Future

All products will have to be cyclically sustainable with us and nature.

The whole product life cycle should be a closed loop, taking advantage of natural cycles.

Otherwise we will continue to accumulate waste and disrupt our biochemistry.

This means: We should select ingredients that are part of natural cycles in us and Nature.

Mineralized is made from simple Magnesium and Calcium compounds that are already part of cycles in nature and your body.

We are trying to build NOW where we will have to go in the future.

Applying Mineralized

How to apply

"The most incredible thing is that it actually works. I no longer stink. Wow"


Mineralized Sample Pack

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Your deodorant was made of the things ALREADY in your body.

It would be a higher standard.

It would be the cleanest possible deodorant.

This is what we did with Mineralized.

Mineralized uses magnesium and calcium to stop odor.

Stuff your body is familiar with.

Your body already manages magnesium and calcium. They are part of the natural rhythms of your body.

Mineralized is BEYOND natural. It is made of ingredients that are naturally IN YOU.

"Natural" can mean a lot of things

For some companies it means:

"Ingredients that came from something that sounds safe, even if chemically processed".

They are still chemicals that are foreign to your body.

Mineralized contains virtually no bodily-foreign chemicals.

So no unknown long-term health effects of these foreign chemicals.

Just stuff your body already has in it.*

*(apart from a tiny amount of coconut and essential oils for scent and consistency).

Why a Powder?

We find it strange that humans dig oil out of the ground to create chemicals that we apply to our body.

The environmental impacts of the oil industry are well known.

Oil-derived chemicals are what make common deodorants into sticks, gels, and creams. They create the texture.

The long-term health effects of applying these chemicals to your body are, at best, unknown.

Choose Mineralized Deodorant for your long-term health and for the environment.

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