• Works Perfectly

    "Not only [does] this work, it also couldn't perform any better because it works PERFECTLY.
    I've never come across a deodorant - clean or toxic - that works like this one does.
    I'll also never search for another deodorant ever again because I don't think anything could possibly work (and feel) better."
  • Even during heavy exercise

    "I've always used very standard stick brand antiperspirants (Old Spice, etc).
    I'd say from an odor / sweat reduction perspective Mineralized is doing just as well as they ever did -- even during heavy exercise."
    - Brian

A healthier option that works

Harmless ingredients.

Mineralized is not just another natural deodorant.

It is made of stuff already in your body: Magnesium and Calcium.

Ingredients native and known to your body.

No chemicals.

  • My New Go-To

    "I have found my new go-to.
    The clean ingredients are what drew me to try the product, but how it smells and works, will keep me a customer."
  • No Rashes

    "No rashes. 
    So for the first time in many years I am using deodorant each day.  
    I had a long day where I was up early in the morning and then had a late flight and a night of shoveling snow before going home the next morning. 
    And it held up well in that situation."

Great for sensitive skin

Our most sensitive customers tell us they had given up on wearing deodorant.

Until they found Mineralized.

Coconut-oil-free version available (for nut sensitive people).

No rashes or itching. Non-irritating.

Free of baking soda and aluminum.

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  • No Irritation

    "Have a deodorant allergy to most store deodorants so I try pretty much any natural deodorant idea I can find.
    I was intrigued by the idea of a powder, but didn't know what to expect.
    I bought the jojoba because I know coconut oil can block my pores, my skin just prefers the jojoba.
    I found it very easy to use, and no irritation!
    If I've already washed and I smell good, it does prevent any whiff of body odor until evening time without reapplying.
    Definitely not traditional, but it is very effective!"
  • Easy to Apply

    "I am new to this product and I'm very impressed.
    No smell. No itching. No mess!
    I have sensitive skin and can't stand perfumes, so this is an ideal product for me.
    It is on my reorder list!
    It was a curiosity to me if the powder form could work and it has been easy to apply.
    My previous roll-on gel product did leave me itching from time to time despite it being made for ultra-sensitive skin. I have not had a similar problem with this power. :)"

Made by a scientist turned creator

Science behind odor

Naturally occurring bacteria eat sweat and produce odorous waste.


Minerals found both in natural spring water and in your body.

Mineralized Deodorant

We created a mixture that:

  • neutralizes odor
  • absorbs moisture
  • comes from nature
  • is made of minerals familiar to your body.

Truly a new concept: made of minerals, not chemicals.

How are we different?
  • Well Deserving

    "I rarely write reviews, but this product is well-deserving.
    (1) Mineralized works, and it works all day long. 
    (2) I have no skin reaction to it, which is very rare. 
    (3) It goes on dry and feels refreshing; no more icky-sticky. 
    (4) No aluminum. 
    (5) No staining of clothes. 
    (6) It works everywhere - private areas included. 
    (7)  It works on feet, even after 14 hours.  When visiting, I can leave my shoes at the door with no concern that my feet or my shoes will offend. 
    (8) Negatives:  none.
    I've tried dozens and dozens of sprays, roll-ons, glide-ons, powders, home-made concoctions, and very pricey products.
    Not one has all of the eight benefits listed above.  "
  • Unbelievable Powder

    "I can't remember the last time I wrote a review for anything, but this product is an absolute game changer.
    It is not unreasonable to say that I have probably spent hundreds of dollars on deodorant that I've thrown
    Those that were sticky, those that were smelly, those that stained my shirts, and those that just didn't work. This powder is just simply unbelievable, no stink and can sometimes last two days.
    I've now been using it for a year and I simply don't know what I would do without it. It works on other body parts as well, and the smell is subtle and wonderful.
    I can't believe this product exists, and it took me so long to find it.
    This is simply the best deodorant ever."
Magnesium deodorant powder with eco-friendly deodorant refill gif. Mineral deodorant

Refillable and eco-friendly

No plastic.

Reusable and recyclable container.

Refillable: biodegradable cardboard refill packaging.

Reusable custom applicator sponge (currently 70% biodegradable).

Optional: Use your own applicator.

  • No Residue

    "I love that there is no residue. I actually prefer the powder over a stick.
    I've used the Sage and Grapefruit scents so far and like them both.
    Mineralized definitely stood up with upper 90s and humidity poolside."
  • Natural deodorant that works

    "This is the only natural deodorant that has worked for me.
    Other natural deodorants would make the odor worse throughout the day.
    With Mineralized I smell fresh and feel dry all day! This stuff is amazing.
    I am so glad I decided to try it"

Mineralized Details

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Symbiotic products

In the long term, the entire product life cycle should be a sustainable cycle with our environment.

The water cycle and the carbon cycle are two examples from nature.

Each step in the cycle naturally leads to the next.

Compare this to how humans generally behave.

We introduce new packaging and chemicals to the environment, without regard for what effects they will have.

Look at micro-plastics or "forever chemicals" to name a few negative examples.

Mineralized is a closed cycle.

We source minerals from sea water.

We use those minerals to solve a problem: body odor. Those minerals later are washed back to the sea.

This is the future we have to build.

We are trying to build that future now.

The most harmless product

What if your deodorant was made of the things ALREADY in your body?

It would be a higher standard.

It would be the cleanest possible deodorant.

This is what we did with Mineralized.

Mineralized uses Magnesium and Calcium to stop odor.

Substances native to your body.

Your body already manages magnesium and calcium. They are part of the natural rhythms of your body.

Mineralized is BEYOND natural. It is made of ingredients that are naturally IN YOU.


Free of baking soda and aluminum.

Only 6 food-quality ingredients

Each ingredient is the highest purity ("food grade") and is safe to consume.  You could technically eat this deodorant (the unscented version).

The majority of the ingredients come from evaporating sea water and harvesting the remaining residual minerals.


Ingredient list: simple mineral compounds

Magnesium Hydroxide* is an antacid and helps neutralize odor and is derived from sea water.

Magnesium Carbonate* absorbs moisture, keeping you drier. 

Magnesium Oxide* (Magnesia) is a hydroscopic (water-absorbing) compound also derived from sea water.  

Calcium Carbonate* (Calcite) is an antacid and helps create an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria. 

Calcium Sulfate* This mineral also absorbs moisture and balance the formula.

Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO).  A very small amount of food-safe, organic coconut oil is added to dampen the powder for easier application. 

(Don't want coconut oil? Try our Unscented Jojoba Mineralized)

Essential oils (in scented Mineralized). We source high-quality (organic when possible) essential oils for our scents. Scent descriptions below.

*Generally recognized as safe (GRAS/FS) as a food additive by the FDA.


    • Very gentle on skin: No aluminum or baking soda. The "deodorant of last resorts" for many with sensitive skin.
    • "Feels like nothing" underarm feel. Free of any greasy, waxy or gooey residue because it is a powder. People love the way it feels!
    • Non-toxic: Free of plastics, petrochemicals (chemicals from oil), parabens, phthalates and lilials, and endocrine disruptors.
    • Vegan, gluten free, not tested on animals.
    • Won't stain clothing (if you get it on your clothes, it easily brushes off. Even dark clothes).
    • Coconut oil free version available (made with jojoba oil instead).



    "It does not irritate my skin, and it works!" -Toni

    Why a powder?

    Oil-derived chemicals are what make common deodorants into sticks, gels, and creams. They create the texture.

    The environmental impacts of the oil industry are well known.

    The long-term health effects of applying these chemicals to your body are, at best, unknown.

    Mineralized Deodorant Powder does not use these chemicals.

    We made a simple, clean formula in a raw form: a mineral powder.

    Choose Mineralized for both long-term and environmental health.

    "Natural" is mostly marketing jargon now

    For some companies it means:

    "Ingredients that came from something natural that sounds safe".

    They are still chemicals that are foreign to your body, and untested in the long term.

    The big idea with Mineralized is it is made from stuff your body already has in it.*

    Magnesium and Calcium.

    So no unknown long-term health effects of these foreign chemicals.

    *(Apart from a tiny amount of coconut and essential oils for scent and consistency).

    Mineralized Formula

      The formula was invented by a scientist turned creator.

      We studied the scientific literature on the chemistry of body odor.

        We then looked for compounds that satisfied 3 conditions:
          1. Neutralized body odor
          2. Made of minerals that are already in your body
          3. Made of minerals that are naturally found in spring water sources.


          Mineralized is a new concept in deodorant that sits at the intersection of those three conditions:



          1. Firstly, it has to eliminate body odor.

          2. To be harmless to your body for the long term, we chose minerals that are familiar and native to your body.

          3. Short story: It is a return to natural water sources. Longer story can be found here.



          Our formula is made of simple magnesium and calcium compounds (ingredients).

          It does not contain baking soda, aluminum, or any chemicals. And it works.



          Eco-Friendly Product Life Cycle

          Where do your products come from, and where do they end up?

          We put a lot of thought into this when building Mineralized. We aren’t perfect, but we are ahead of most others.


          Sustainable Product Packaging

          We are plastic-free.

          Recyclable: our main container is made of recyclable aluminum.

          Refillable: biodegradable cardboard refill containers, just fill up your container.

          The applicator sponge is only 70% biodegradable. We are actively testing a fully biodegradable option that also works as an applicator (to see if it is actually biodegradable, as it is quite new technology).

          We chose an applicator that has a long lifetime: it can be washed repeatedly without wear.

          Shipping: lightweight, and no plastic in our shipping materials.


          Mineralized Powder

          We are free of petrochemicals.

          Many personal care products use chemicals that are derived from oil.  This is how many common deodorants are made into sticks and gels. 

          Even “vegetable-derived” chemicals come primarily from corn, a monocrop that is being shown to be harmful to the planet.

          Mineralized ingredients are commonly sourced from evaporating high-mineral-content water (such as sea water), and the mineral residue is separated for use in industry. Specifically, most of our minerals come from the dead sea.

          This is much better than digging oil out of the ground. 

          Powder lifecycle: when you shower and Mineralized rinses away, you are only adding the same minerals back into the water where they came from.



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          Origin of Mineralized

          Founder's story

          I (James) studied engineering in undergrad ("engineering physics", which is sort of a mix of engineering and physics) and afterwards worked for 6 years as a scientist doing physics research. I left that just before finishing my PhD (getting a Masters during the process) to begin a new career.

          After science, I worked a corporate job that paid well but lacked real meaning to me. I was fired from that job 8 years, and decided not to continue in that field.

          I gave away most of my possessions, put my meaningful things in storage, and started what ended up being a two-year road trip taking me all over the country.

          I spent much of that time in nature: hiking, backpacking, swimming in lakes or rivers, and just being.

          With the space to actually think, I started coming up with questions.

          Some of the questions I asked were: why do humans smell bad to other humans?

          On the large scale we are meant to procreate with each other, doesn't body odor just inhibit that?

          I started wondering, did people always smell bad to each other? 

          If not, what are some things that have changed over the last few thousand years?

          Asking this question, along with all the time I was spending in nature, led me to the observation that the water we bathe in is different now. In most of the developed world, the water has been sanitized, chlorinated, and commonly is free of minerals.

          Perhaps that was contributing to why we now smelled? 

          There were many possibilities, but this is the one I started investigating.

          My background in science made me comfortable searching the scientific literature for answers. 

          In the scientific literature, I investigated:

          What causes body odor? 

          What were the chemical structures of the molecules that caused body odor? 

          How could these chemicals be neutralized, so they wouldn't smell anymore?

          And the key question was, "is there a combination of mineral compounds that might neutralize these odorous chemicals, that are found both in spring water and in the human body"?

          My reasoning was that anything already found in the human body would be likely to be non-toxic and safe for long-term use.

          After some self-testing, I found a combination of simple magnesium and calcium compounds that actually worked as a deodorant. 

          I then asked a handful of loyal friends to try the new formula, and it worked for them too! And not only that, many praised the powder for a clean and light feel.

          That is how Mineralized Deodorant Powder, both the product and the business, was born.


          Design and Creative

          The Mineralized brand and packaging concepts are advanced by Dave Seator, a trusted partner and creative resource. If you have any creative feedback, critique or requests, please let us know.

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          • Smells Incredible

            "My only requirement for my deodorant is that I don't want to smell.
            I've tried a lot of other natural deodorants and they seems promising until the middle of the day. They never held up.
            But this stuff is amazing, goes on easy, stays on for a long time and smells incredible!
            I will never use another deodorant. Do yourself a favor and buy some!"
          • More Confident

            "I got this for my daughter who has been having a long time problem of sweating and smell.
            She used the cherry blossom one and she loves it. It works so well for her, that when she comes home from school she still smells fresh.
            It made her more confident and less worried. This product works and so glad I took a chance on it. Thanks, will recommend😊"

          New to Mineralized?

          We recommend starting with one or more of our samples.

          Each sample lasts 5-8 weeks, enough time to try it out.

          Once you have decided on scents, our refills will fit in the same sample container.

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