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We make a healthy and eco-friendly deodorant that actually works, so you can stop worrying about the long-term health effects of chemical deodorants.

We read the scientific literature on the chemistry of body odor. 

Body odor originates from naturally occurring bacteria that live on your skin.  These bacteria eat your sweat, and the bacterial waste products have an unpleasant odor.

This is why it takes a little time for odor to start (if you forget to wear a deodorant or antiperspirant): the bacteria need to first eat your sweat, and it takes a little time for the odorous waste products to build up.

We looked at the chemical structure of these odorous waste products.

We then searched for a combination of mineral compounds that would neutralize these waste products.

(Here is where we diverge from the rest of the industry:)

We restricted our search to only include 1) Minerals commonly found in spring water, and 2)  Minerals found and required in your body.

This way, we could be SURE there wouldn't be any foreign chemicals in our formulation.

Your body knows how to deal with magnesium and calcium (the main ingredients). They are regulated by your body. Any excess is simply eliminated through your kidneys.

Mineralized is in that sense a return to nature, but using the tools of modern science and reasoning.



Design and Creative

The Mineralized brand and packaging concepts are advanced by Dave Seator, a trusted partner and creative resource. If you have any creative feedback, critique or requests, please let us know.

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