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We make products we are happy to use ourselves, based on our own research and long-term thinking.

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Where did you get the idea?

One day I asked myself:

"Does one animal smell bad to another animal? For example, does a horse smell bad to another horse?"

This got me thinking.

Isn't it strange that we humans can smell terrible to each other? I don't know what a horse thinks of another horse's smell, but I speculate that they probably don't smell awful to each other.

Since we as humans are supposed to breed with each other, I thought body odor doesn't make much sense, and we probably shouldn't smell bad.

What's changed?

So I started wondering, what has changed in recent times? For one, we now bathe in chlorinated, mineral-free water.

This is great for sanitary health (given how much we pollute our waters) but our ancestors would have bathed in natural water sources that generally contain a mixture of dissolved minerals.

Now, none of us can go back in time and learn how people smelled thousands of years ago, so this is definitely speculative: 

But IF we didn't smell bad to each other, then perhaps this was due to the water we bathed in?

So I looked at the published scientific papers on body odor. 

I learned that body odor is caused by bacteria eating sweat, and their waste products have a bad odor.

I then looked at the different mineral compounds that are found in spring water sources, and started experimenting with the compounds that were likely to neutralize these bacterial waste products.

With the help of some very loyal friends and a few smelly days, we succeeded and found a formula that neutralized body odor and is made from the same things found in spring water: Mineralized Deodorant was born.


On modern deodorants and cosmetics

It seems strange to us that only in the last few hundred years have humans dug oil out of the ground to create chemicals that we apply to our body.  Even as 'vegetable derived' chemicals from corn become more popular, we are skeptical about the long-term safety of these chemicals, and some of the environmental impacts are already known.


About the founder

Hello, this is James Bauer, the founder of Mineralized. I currently live in Denver, Colorado, but was born in Toronto, Canada.  I studied engineering and then physics in graduate school. During my time as a graduate student, I became disillusioned with the academic world.  I then worked in finance as an options trader for a number of years.  That world wasn't a great fit for me either, so I took some time off to explore, spend time with loved ones, and learn.  After seeing much of the USA and spending a lot of time in nature, I had a strong realization that focusing on long-term and sustainable thinking are the keys to a healthy planet with healthy people. 

My background in science gives me a thorough respect for the scientific method, but my personal experience has me a little skeptical about the pedestal that science and engineering hold.  Scientific results often isolate variables  to increase understanding, but because of this science and engineering also often ignores second and higher order effects.  One example is the plastic revolution: it helped society tremendously while the second order effect was to massively damage our environment. We now need to correct our ways.

I concluded that science tempered with long-term, evolutionary reasoning (time-tested processes, practices and "grandma's wisdom") might be an even more powerful and sustainable way to approach practical problems.  How does a product fit into the long-term systems of the planet? Does it make sense to dig oil out of the ground, in order to make foreign chemicals that we apply to our body? What have we done in the past? 

Microplastics and other environmental pollutants are increasingly turning up everywhere, and the impact of our society on nature is growing.

Large companies pollute and damage the environment with their practices, happy to externalize costs for their own gain.

Many products we use are designed to be thrown away. Many products use ingredients that are sourced from the petroleum industry, a notorious environmental felon.

So, I created a company and product that will start us moving in a sustainable direction.


Design and Creative

The Mineralized brand identity and packaging concepts are advanced by Dave Seator, a trusted partner and creative resource. If you have any creative feedback, critique or requests, please let us know.

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