Mineralized Uses

We recently did a survey of our customers found that Mineralized is used in many different ways:

  • Deodorant
  • Body Powder (underboobs, or other areas that don't breathe well)
  • Private areas
  • Foot/shoe powder
  • Face de-shiner (a light dabbing takes the sheen away from oily skin)
  • Dry shampoo

How to apply Mineralized?

Please see our application instructions.

Do you test on animals?

No, we do not and we have checked with our suppliers and they also do not test on animals.


Why a powder?

For your health and the health of the environment.

We find it strange that humans dig oil out of the ground to create chemicals that we apply to our body.

The environmental impacts of the oil industry are well known.

Oil-derived chemicals are what make common deodorants into sticks, gels, and creams. They create the texture.

The long-term health effects of applying these chemicals to your body are, at best, unknown.

Choose Mineralized Deodorant for your long-term health and for the environment.


Does Mineralized contain parabens, phthalates, or lilials?

No, Mineralized does not contain these.


How do you clean the applicator?

The applicator sponge is washable.  We recommend using a mild soap and water, rinsing thoroughly, and then letting it air dry. 

Depending on how dry the air is where you are, it could take up to a day to dry. We like leaving it somewhere with airflow, such as near a hvac vent or by a fan. 

When I have needed to dry the applicator faster, I have put the it in the clothes dryer (with dark colors, just in case!) for a cycle. That sped up the drying process.


What is the applicator made of?

The applicator is made from 70% biodegradable polyurethane foam. This is the same foam found in furniture, mattresses, car seats, shoes, and yoga mats to name a few examples. It is inert and resilient and can be washed many times.

We consider this the largest shortcoming in terms of environmental impact at this time. But looking at the bigger picture, if you have a modern foam mattress, own a car, or have worn running shoes, you have already used and disposed of multiple applicators.

But good news! We are currently testing a 100% biodegradable version, but want to be sure of quality and similar resilience before offering for sale.


Does the aluminum jar leach into the product?

Aluminum leaching into Mineralized is not a concern. The reason why is that aluminum after being formed reacts quickly with oxygen in the air and forms a very thin layer of aluminum oxide. This nanometer-thick layer acts as a protective coating to the underlying aluminum, and is inert to chemical reactions except in certain circumstances.

This is similar to the process of iron becoming rusty (becoming iron oxide) in the presence of salt water, but it happens more rapidly and without needing the water. 

We did a little searching just to see if we could be wrong, and the conditions that are necessary for aluminum to corrode seem to require a strong alkaline liquid.

We also reached out to our manufacturers to double check, and they agreed that there isn't any reason to believe that the aluminum will leach into the powder.

Further, we do not see any evidence of pitting or corrosion in the containers we ourselves have been using for the past few years. We would expect to see some signs, if the aluminum were reacting with the powder.

Here are some resources talking about aluminum corrosion, if you want to read more yourself: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/aluminum-corrosion

All that said, we are currently storing a handful of Mineralized in the tins for an extended period of time.  We plan to have those sent to a lab to be evaluated, just to be extra sure. Those results won't be available for about a year (about the maximum time anyone would keep the same powder inside a jar).

High-level article: Here is an article that discusses some of the issues at a high level, if you are interested.


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