Application Instructions

Mineralized is an eco-friendly deodorant powder. Our customers appreciate the clean, "feels like nothing" underarm experience. 

Here is how it works.





Application instructions

1. Gently place applicator sponge in container, twist or press to gather as much Mineralized powder as you require.  

2. Tap or scrape off any excess.

3. Using applicator, gently apply Mineralized powder to underarms. Some prefer applying with your shirt already on, or try without.

4. Store the applicator sponge in the container. It is designed to fit snugly inside.  Reapply if needed.

Active Day?  No problem!

The compact and lightweight design let you easily bring Mineralized with you. "If you have an active day, no problem, just re-apply - No clumping. No goo. Still feels like nothing!"


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