Effective Deodorant

Does it work? Yes! Don't take our word for it:

"I got this for my daughter who has been having a long time problem of sweating and smell. She used the cherry blossom one and she loves it. It works so well for her, that when she comes home from school she still smells fresh. It made her more confident and less worried. This product works and so glad I took a chance on it. Thanks, will recommend😊" -Angie

"I am so blown away by how wonderful they all smell and how well it works! I highly recommend you try this!" -Lizzie

"Not only this works, it also couldn't perform any better because it works PERFECTLY. I've never come across a deodorant - clean or toxic - that works like this one does. I'll also never search for another deodorant ever again because I don't think anything could possibly work (and feel) better. " -Maria

Plus many others on this page!


Reasoning behind Mineralized Deodorant

We studied the scientific literature on the chemistry of body odor.  We then looked for likely compounds that would neutralized that odor, but were also made of common spring water minerals and also required by your body.

After some experimentation, the formula for Mineralized was born.




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