Mineralized in the non-toxic deodorant and body powder.
Mineralized Deodorant Review
Mineralized Deodorant Review
Mineralized Deodorant Review
Mineralized Deodorant Review


Here is an early in-depth review by a blogger, or you can scan the recent reviews below.

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When I was first introduced to Mineralized, I was skeptical. Then after using it, it was transformative.

I had never been able to find a
"natural" deodorant that actually works.

But in this case, it really was a natural deodorant that works.

No odor. No scent. No clumps. Natural feel.

Incredible. It was actually
quite shocking.

I went from attending workout
classes feeling insecure and rude for smelling, to feeling secure and
emboldened. Now I can proudly do shoulder presses with confidence.



No rashes. 

So for the first time in many years I am using deodorant each day.  

I had a long day where I was up early in the morning in Calgary and then had a late flight and a night of shoveling snow in Toronto before going home the next morning. And it held up well in that situation.



Powder is nice - didn't clump with sweat or get on clothes in noticeable way and did the job (even for stinky husbands).



It actually works really well, awesome job!



It doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing anything which is nice.



I tested it with doing outdoor things (hiking) and sightseeing last week with our kids.  I thought the powder worked great! 

I like that it doesn't stain clothes and I'm actually wearing a black shirt today and wondered whether it would get all over and it doesn't so that's a good thing. 



The Mineralized Deodorant Powder!!

This powder is a game changer, I have to admit some days I pushed it to the limits and did smell a tiny bit, but I work with dogs at a veterinary clinic. So needless to say, I move a lot and play with smelly fur babies all day long and end up smelling gross at the end of the day. 

I have tried a ton of “natural” antiperspirants and deodorants out there and yours is number one for me.

It doesn’t irritate my underarms and is extremely easy to apply with
the beauty blender.

I am very appreciative of the products and will definitely be purchasing some powder!


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