Mineralized is the non-toxic deodorant and body powder.


Food-quality ingredients

Each ingredient is the highest purity available ("food grade") and is safe to consume.  You could technically eat this deodorant (the unscented version).


Ingredient list

Magnesium Hydroxide is an antacid and helps neutralize odor and is derived from sea water. Generally recognized as safe (GRAS/FS) as a food additive by the FDA.

Magnesium Carbonate absorbs moisture, keeping you drier. Generally recognized as safe (GRAS/FS) as a food additive by the FDA.

Magnesium Oxide (Magnesia) is a hydroscopic (water-absorbing) compound also derived from sea water.  Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as a food additive by the FDA.

Calcium Carbonate (Calcite) is an antacid and helps create an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria. Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as a food additive by the FDA.

Calcium Sulfate. This mineral absorbs moisture, and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS/FS) as a food additive by the FDA.

Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO).  A very small amount of food-safe, organic coconut oil is added to dampen the powder for easier application. 

(Don't want coconut oil? Try our Unscented Jojoba Mineralized, which is free of coconut oil.)

Essential oils (in scented Mineralized). We source high-quality (organic when possible) essential oils for our scents. Scent descriptions below.



    • Very gentle on skin: No aluminum or baking soda. The "deodorant of last resorts" for many with sensitive skin.
    • "Feels like nothing" underarm feel. Free of any greasy, waxy or gooey residue because it is a powder. People love the way it feels!
    • Non-toxic: Free of plastics, petrochemicals (chemicals from oil), parabens, phthalates and lilials.
    • Vegan, gluten free, not tested on animals.
    • Won't stain clothing (if you get it on your clothes, it easily brushes off. Even dark clothes).
    • Coconut oil free version available (made with jojoba oil instead).



    "It does not irritate my skin, and it works!" -Toni

    Mineralized Deodorant Powder: Samples

    Full-Size Mineralized

    Mineralized Refills

    Why minerals?


    They are chemically very simple. 

    The minerals magnesium and calcium are required by your body.

    Your body already has systems to manage magnesium and calcium.

    Therefore the risk of long-term health consequences is low.

    Compare this to bodily unfamiliar chemicals found in other deodorants.

    We wonder, given that the unkonwn long-term health effects of unfamiliar chemicals, why are we taking chances using these chemicals on our body?

    Especially when we know Mineralized is an effective deodorant.


    The minerals we use are low on the industrial production "food chain" so they have fewer processing steps.

    Most of Mineralized is made by evaporating mineral-rich sea water and separating the resulting mineral slurry.

    Compare this to the processed chemicals found in other products, most of which start as oil and are foreign to your body.

    Why a powder?

    Though we originally chose a powder for health and environmental reasons, there are plenty of benefits we didn't even think of:

    1. It's a body-safe powder that our customers use for many things:

    • dry shampoo,
    • skin de-shiner,
    • underarm deodorant,
    • anti-chafing and drying body powder,
    • private parts powder, and
    • foot powder.

    2. "Feels like nothing" feeling on skin.

    3. Doesn't stain clothing. In fact, it is easy to brush off if you accidentally get some on your clothes.

    Science Behind Odor:


    Naturally occurring bacteria eat sweat and produce waste that has an unpleasant odor.


    Minerals found in spring water and are already required by your body.

    Mineralized Deodorant

    We created a mixture that comes from nature, neutralizes body odor, and is made of minerals familiar to your body.


    "My only requirement for my deodorant is that I don't want to smell.

    I've tried a lot of other natural deodorants and they seems promising
    until the middle of the day. They never held up.

    But this stuff is amazing, goes on easy, stays on for a long time and smells incredible!

    I will never use another deodorant. Do yourself a favor and buy some!"


    Mineralized is BEYOND natural.

    Imagine your deodorant was made of the same things that are ALREADY in your body.

    It would be a higher standard.

    It would be the cleanest possible deodorant.

    This is what we did with Mineralized.

    Mineralized uses magnesium and calcium to stop odor.

    Stuff your body is familiar with.

    Your body already manages magnesium and calcium. They are part of the natural rhythms of your body.

    Mineralized is BEYOND natural. It is made of ingredients that are naturally IN YOU.

    Scent Descriptions

    Sandalwood: (woody, creamy, warm, inviting)

    Cherry Blossom: (light, sweet and refreshing with notes of pear, rose, and vanilla)

    Blue Tansy: (sweet, earthy, herbal, complex)

    Lavender: (floral, clean, notes of herbs, calming)

    Pink Grapefruit + Bergamot: (bright, fruity, fresh, invigorating)

    Sage: (fresh, herbaceous, hints of eucalyptus and mint, magical)

    Wild Black Spruce: (freshly-cut pine, woodsy, musky, hardy)

    Vanilla: (sweet, rich, nostalgic)

    Unscented: (smell like yourself)

    and Jojoba Unscented: (our most sensitive offering, free of coconut oil).