Doesn't Work?

As far as Mineralized not working for you, here are some things we have learned: 

Tight-Fitting Clothes

Some have reported that it doesn't work, but after some experimenting what is actually happening is the powder is rubbing off on clothes. We learned this when winter came and some people started wearing tighter fitting under layers.

For those we recommend putting on your first layer, and then applying Mineralized up UNDERNEATH that layer. This does two things: a) minimizes the chance that it is rubbing off while putting on your clothes, and b) keeps all the powder in the underarm area.

Ineffective for 3% Minority

It simply doesn't work for about 3% of the population, and we don't know why at this time (it is related to personal biochemistry). You could be in that minority.

True Test

The true test to determine if you are in the minority is to reapply a liberal amount of Mineralized AFTER you notice an unpleasant odor. If the odor doesn't vanish, then it doesn't work.


Depending on how much is applied and how sweaty of a day you might be having, some people have found they need to reapply periodically during the day.  For some, this is a deal breaker, and that is OK if you don't want that hassle.  We personally think it is worth the trade-off: using a healthy, eco-friendly deodorant is worth it.


If after reading this and testing to see if you are in the 3% minority, we are happy to provide a full returnless refund.  Please send an email to with your order number.