Eco-Friendly Deodorant

Eco-Friendly Product Life Cycle

Where do your products come from, and where do they end up? We put a lot of thought into this when building Mineralized. We aren’t perfect, but we are ahead of most others.

Sustainable Product Packaging

We are plastic-free.

Our main container is made of recyclable aluminum. If you decide to move on from Mineralized, this can easily be recycled. 

For long-term customers, we offer refills for the container. The refills come in biodegradable cardboard tubes. 

The applicator sponge is only 70% biodegradable. We are actively searching for a fully biodegradable option that also works as an applicator (so if you have any ideas, please message us!).  Because this is not ideal, we chose an applicator that has a long lifetime: it can be washed repeatedly without wear.

All of these products are shipped in cardboard packaging, not plastics.

Mineralized Powder

We are free of petrochemicals.

Many personal care products use chemicals that are derived from oil.  This is how many common deodorants are made into sticks and gels.  Even “vegetable-derived” chemicals come primarily from corn, a monocrop that is being shown to be harmful to the planet (though this is better than drilling for oil).

Mineralized is made from simple mineral compounds.  They are commonly sourced from evaporating high-mineral-content water (such as sea water), and the mineral residue is separated for use in industry.  This is much better than digging oil out of the ground. 

When you shower and Mineralized rinses away, you are only adding the same minerals back into the water where they came from.

Product Weight

The entire Mineralized deodorant package weighs only a few ounces, making transportation cheaper and better for the environment.

Carbon-neutral Shipping

We use Cloverly to offset carbon used during shipping.  We pay them a small amount of money depending on the weight and distance shipped, and they participate in carbon neutralizing activities in the region you live.

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