Why worry if the ingredients in your deodorant are safe,when you can know they are?

The deodorant market is largely unregulated.

There is no one 'out there' making sure deodorants are safe.

We created Mineralized using minerals that are already in your body. Simple magnesium and calcium.

This way, we know they are safe. This is the best bet for long term safety.

189+ reviews,6000+ customers, since 2020
  • Mineralized Deodorant

    • Made of magnesium and calcium. These are already in your body. Creating a deodorant made of things IN YOU is the new idea and the main way we are different.
    • It works for 95%+ of people based on real customer feedback.
    • Eco-friendly: ingredients derived from evaporated sea water and refills shipped in biodegradable cardboard.
  • "Natural" deodorants

    • Made of bodily-foreign ingredients and chemicals that might or might not be truly safe in the long term.
    • Many don't work, or leave a gross residue (or both).
    • Most have plastic containers, contributing to the plastic problem
  • Chemical deodorants

    • Many contain known endocrine disruptors, potentially toxic aluminum, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, etc.
    • industrial chemicals are effective body odor eliminators, but at what long-term health and environmental cost?
    • plastic containers, ingredients are petroleum-derived chemicals.

Mineralized is the non-toxic deodorant that works

No foreign chemicals. Made of magnesium and calcium.

No aluminum.

Free of parabens, phthalates, and phenols.

No baking soda (a common irritant).

Scented with essential oils (unscented available).

  • Effective and Healthy

    "I have been looking for an effective, natural, healthy deodorant that didn't leave me smelling weird or sticky.

    I was fully expecting to be disappointed in Mineralized but it came through like a CHAMP!

    It keeps me fresh and odor free at least 24 hours and that's after hard manual labor in a hot day. No stickiness!"

    -Maria A

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Powder: How to apply

Application is easy:


Pressed Powder Mineralized

When you first get Mineralized, it will be a loose powder. We recommend pressing Mineralized into a pressed powder with you applicator.  After that, it is much neater and very easy to apply.


After, that, applying is simple:


  • Some prefer to apply with their shirt already on. This helps with the powder rubbing off on clothes as you get dressed.
  • The applicator can be stored inside the container




Mineralized not as effective as you want? Here are some things we have learned: 


Clothing or underarm odor?

We have found that underarm odor can reside in your underarm, your clothing, or both.  Firstly, we suggest checking your clothes and underarm independently to determine if your clothes are responsible.

Using other deodorants tends to leave a buildup of residue in your clothing that most laundry detergents do not remove easily.

Quantity + Every Nook

Are you applying enough? You could experiment with adding a little more. Be sure to get it in every spot in your underarm, including the folds near the front and the rear.  Sometimes there can be smelly spots.

Tight-Fitting Clothes

Some have reported that it doesn't work, but after some experimenting what is actually happening is the powder is rubbing off on clothes (while getting dressed, for example). We learned this when winter came and some people started wearing tighter fitting under layers.

For those we recommend putting on your first layer of clothing, and then applying Mineralized up UNDERNEATH that layer. This does two things: a) minimizes the chance that it is rubbing off while putting on your clothes, and b) keeps all the powder in the underarm area.

Ineffective for ~5%

It simply doesn't work for about 5% of the population, and we don't know why at this time (it is related to personal biochemistry). You could be in that minority.

True Test

The true test to determine if you are in the minority is to reapply a liberal amount of Mineralized AFTER you notice an unpleasant odor. If the odor doesn't vanish, then it doesn't work.


Depending on how much is applied and how sweaty of a day you might be having, a small number of people have found they need to reapply during the day. 


Custom Scents

Learn how to make your own custom scents here.


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Non-toxic ingredients


  • Very gentle on skin: No aluminum or baking soda. The "deodorant of last resorts" for many with sensitive skin.
  • pH very slightly alkaline.
  • "Feels like nothing" underarm feel. Free of any greasy, waxy or gooey residue because it is a powder. People love the way it feels!
  • Non-toxic: Free of plastics, petrochemicals (chemicals from oil), parabens, phthalates and lilials, and hormone / endocrine disruptors.
  • Vegan, gluten free, not tested on animals.
  • Won't stain clothing (if you get it on your clothes, it easily brushes off. Even dark clothes).
  • All are now free of coconut oil (May 2024) and use organic jojoba oil instead.


Made of minerals magnesium and calcium.


Ingredient list:

Announcement: All are now free of coconut oil and use jojoba oil instead (May '24).

Magnesium Hydroxide is an antacid and helps neutralize odor and is derived from sea water.

Magnesium Carbonate absorbs moisture, keeping you drier. 

Magnesium Oxide (Magnesia) is a hydroscopic (water-absorbing) compound also derived from sea water.  

Calcium Carbonate (Calcite) is an antacid and helps create an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria. 

Organic Jojoba Oil.  A very small amount of food-safe, organic oil is added to dampen the powder for easier application. 

Essential oils* (in scented Mineralized). We source high-quality (organic when possible) essential oils for our scents.

*Cherry blossom is technically "fragrance oil", not an essential oil.  It is free of parabens, phthalates, Lyrals and Lilials (all known to have negative effects on humans). All others are essential oils, organic when available.


Mineralized is the non-toxic deodorant powder.

It is made of things that are ALREADY in your body.

Compare that to chemical deodorants, full of bodily-foreign ingredients.

Mineralized uses magnesium and calcium to stop odor.

Stuff your body is familiar with.

Your body already manages magnesium and calcium.

They are part of the natural rhythms of your body.

Mineralized is BEYOND natural: It is completely non-toxic, by design.

    Food-quality ingredients

    Each ingredient is the highest purity ("food grade") and is safe to consume.  You could technically eat this deodorant (the unscented version).

    Eco-friendly: the majority of the ingredients come from evaporating sea water and harvesting the remaining residual minerals. Not digging oil from the ground.




    "It does not irritate my skin, and it works!" -Toni

    More about Mineralized

      Magnesium and calcium ingredients that neutralized body odor.

      The formula was invented by a scientist turned creator.

      We studied the scientific literature on the chemistry of body odor.

        We then looked for compounds that satisfied 3 conditions:
          1. Neutralized body odor
          2. Made of minerals that are already in your body
          3. Made of minerals that are naturally found in spring water sources.


          Mineralized is a new concept in deodorant that sits at the intersection of those three conditions:



          1. Firstly, it has to eliminate body odor.

          2. To be harmless to your body for the long term, we chose minerals that are familiar and native to your body.

          3. Short story: It is a return to natural water sources. Longer story can be found here.



          Our formula is made of simple magnesium and calcium compounds (ingredients).

          It does not contain baking soda, aluminum, or any chemicals. And it works.



          Eco-Friendly Product Life Cycle

          Where do your products come from, and where do they end up?

          We put a lot of thought into this when building Mineralized. We aren’t perfect, but we are ahead of most others.


          Sustainable Product Packaging

          We are plastic-free.

          Recyclable: our main container is made of recyclable aluminum.

          Refillable: biodegradable cardboard refill containers, just fill up your container.

          The applicator sponge is only 70% biodegradable. We are actively testing a fully biodegradable option that also works as an applicator (to see if it is actually biodegradable, as it is quite new technology).

          We chose an applicator that has a long lifetime: it can be washed repeatedly without wear.

          Shipping: lightweight, and no plastic in our shipping materials.


          Mineralized Powder

          We are free of petrochemicals.

          Many personal care products use chemicals that are derived from oil.  This is how many common deodorants are made into sticks and gels. 

          Even “vegetable-derived” chemicals come primarily from corn, a monocrop that is being shown to be harmful to the planet.

          Mineralized ingredients are commonly sourced from evaporating high-mineral-content water (such as sea water), and the mineral residue is separated for use in industry. Specifically, most of our minerals come from the dead sea.

          This is much better than digging oil out of the ground. 

          Powder lifecycle: when you shower and Mineralized rinses away, you are only adding the same minerals back into the water where they came from.



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          • Aluminum free deodorant

            "I tried mineralized deodorant after trying so many other aluminum free deodorant that had a lot of perfumes or too much alcohol.

            This product really works immediately, easy to put on, no over spray and no scent (I ordered the unscented) so far I am loving this product."


          Collection: Mineralized Samples

          A great way to try different scents. Each sample lasts 5-8 weeks.

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