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Mineralized Deodorant

Refills Value Pack (4 or more)

Refills Value Pack (4 or more)

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  • All are now free of coconut oil and use jojoba oil instead (May '24).
  • We are phasing out unscented to only offer our "sensitive unscented". They are identical except the small amount of coconut oil has been replaced with jojoba oil (which is the same as the previous "ultra sensitive unscented").
  • Sandalwood: We replaced our sandalwood oil with organic sandalwood essential oil. The smell is a bit different, but in our opinion lovelier.
  • Cherry Blossom we learned recently is actually a 'fragrance oil'.  It is free of parabens, phthalates, lyrals, and lilials (all potential endocrine disrupting chemicals).


Buy 4+ refills, save 8% (and get free shipping)!

Mineralized refills shipped in packs of 4 or more, to minimize the environmental costs of excessive shipping.


4 (or more) refills in eco-friendly cardboard tubes


International customers: Due to extreme differences in shipping costs internationally, we sadly cannot offer the same steep discount as USA customers. You can still purchase, just at a higher rate (but still a pretty good deal for you).

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