Collection: Products

We sell four slightly different products:

1) Full-size Mineralized Deodorant Powder.  One scent choice + one applicator, lasts 5-8 months.

2) Sample-size Mineralized: 1/3 of full-size, same jar. Lasts 5-8 weeks.  Less expensive, great to try a few different scents in our sample pack or bundles.

3) Refills: Same amount of powder as the full-size, but shipped in biodegradable cardboard tube.  Meant to refill either sample or full-size Mineralized.

4) Extra applicator sponges.  If you need to replace a lost applicator.

  • Not traditional, but very effective!

     "I have a deodorant allergy to most store deodorants so I try pretty much any natural deodorant idea I can find.
    I bought the jojoba because I know coconut oil can block my pores, my skin just prefers the jojoba.
    I found it very easy to use, and no irritation!
    If I've already washed and I smell good, it does prevent any whiff of body odor until evening time without reapplying.
    Definitely not traditional, but it is very effective!"
  • No irritation

    "No smell. No itching. No mess!
    I have sensitive skin and can't stand perfumes, so this is an ideal product for me.
    It was a curiosity to me if the powder form could work and it has been easy to apply.
    My previous roll-on gel product did leave me itching from time to time despite it being made for ultra-sensitive skin. I have not had a similar problem with this power. :)"
  • Unbelievable powder

    "It is not unreasonable to say that I have probably spent hundreds of dollars on deodorant that I've thrown
    Those that were sticky, those that were smelly, those that stained my shirts, and those that just didn't work.
    This powder is just simply unbelievable, no stink and can sometimes last two days.
    I've now been using it for a year and I simply don't know what I would do without it. It works on other body parts as well, and the smell is subtle and wonderful.
    I can't believe this product exists, and it took me so long to find it.
    This is simply the best deodorant ever."

No Body Odor. No Chemicals. No Clothing Stains. No Plastic. Refillable.

A return to nature using the tools of modern science.


It actually works. Check the customer reviews!

Non-toxic, clean ingredients:

Only food-grade, high-quality, bodily-familiar ingredients.

Pure enough to eat, technically (*unscented version).


Sustainable product life cycle.

Refills shipped in biodegradable cardboard packaging.

Reusable and recyclable container.